M-PC gives you the same power and functionality as the software running on all the M-Series consoles. It can be installed on any PC running Windows 7 or higher (laptop not included).
It is the same software you will find on the M2PC console surface and can also be used in conjunction with the M-Series Modules or as a tracking backup for M-Series consoles.

M-PC can be used for offline programming or can be linked to any ArtNet or sACN interface device for direct control of fixtures. It provides a high-value programming platform for a large variety of shows from a rock tour to a simple permanent installation. 
M-PC is free to download and use. It gives the possibility of patching and programming a complete show with up to 128 universes offline. In Free mode four Artnet/sACN universes can be used without any protection dongle, use it to control simple shows or simply to test fixtures. 
M-Series Licensing 
M-PC Free – 4 Universes (Artnet, sACN) 
M-PC Pro Kit – 64 Universes (Artnet, sACN), 2 DMX 5pin XLR ports 
M-PC Ultimate – 128 Universes (Artnet, sACN) – optional


Support for 64 DMX universes on Pro Edition and 128 with Ultimate expansion pack
Offline and online programming
2048 channels in free mode using Martin M-DMX or any ArtNet sACN device
M-Series Manager Software for programming and triggering via time and calendar schedules
Customizable Graphical User Interface
with context sensitive toolbars and integrated help menu
Powerful effects engine
Keyboard shortcuts
Parallel execution of multiple cuelists
Full compatibility across M-Series consoles
On-the-fly global timing adjustments
Networking with media server CITP protocol
Controls up to 32768 parameters in Pro Edition (65536 with Ultimate expansion license)
1000 cuelists with motorized fader control
1000 cuelists with playback control buttons
Customizable function keys
2D visualizer
Submaster, inhibitives and override functionality
Fanning functionality
Auto update for presets and cues, including ‘track backwards’

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